Improve Performance Management

Demo BI for IT rolle

Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions allow you to leverage your existing technology investments to enable your IT staff to gain insight beyond the event logs and performance counters – helping staff identify root causes behind events and make course corrections that improve performance.

Microsoft Business Intelligence empowers IT staff to:

  • Go beyond canned operational reports with integrated, interactive performance dashboards, comprehensive scorecards, and powerful analytics all built on Microsoft platform components.
  • Aggregate seemingly disparate metrics into a single overall performance scorecard.
  • With Managed self-service Business Intelligence, empower users to create their own ad-hoc reports using familiar, easy-to-use tools they already know.
  • Identify patterns and exceptions with data trending.
  • Understand performance issues such as capacity spikes or downtime with greater event detail.
  • Rely on a robust security model that provides data security starting at web sites and dashboards, all the way down to cell-level detail.
  • Deploy IT staff more efficiently.


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